Le Chef // Restaurant

Group work promoting Le Chef, local restaurant in Beirut, appreciated for its mixed and multicultural crowd.

Mini Mega

Concept of the toy based on the nature of a MINI and its character.

Inspired by the flexible and playful features of the car. The content of the typography is mostly statements like “ Name it, Start it, Play it, Tune it, Drag it”, extracted from the song “Technologic” by Daft Punk. These statements answer to the sentence written also in an abstracted way on the chest of the toy “Fun things to do with a MINI”. 

Epok Magazine // The Sixties

Epok is a magazine that revives decades of history, art, music, cinema and fashion through photography and collages. This issue focuses on the Sixties.

Pop up book // What am I?

A pop up book based on a poem called “What am I?”.

Laced // Typeface

Experimental typeface inspired by shoelaces and knots.

Street Decoupage // Iphone App’

Street Decoupage is an app’ that mixes the German and the Lebanese culture with a collage of graffitis from the streets of Berlin and Beirut.

Shake or slide to get different characters.

Worked with- Vanessa Khoury

Thanks to the street artists of Berlin and Beirut.

INTERVIEWS with William Klein // Publication book

This book gathers several interviews with William Klein while exposing his amazing black and white photographs.

Cancer-Environement // Poster
Competition for CHANCE / Children against cancer.

Cancer-Environement // Poster

Competition for CHANCE / Children against cancer.

Origami cubes // Package yourself

Students were asked to each represent their individual personality through a package of their creation.

INTERVIEWS // Publication

Group work publication gathering interviews with a Lebanese audience.

A woman who witnessed history and lived a hundred years through a photographic journey, Aziza Douaidy, my great grandmother. A hundred photographs for a hundred years. 

Worked with -Vanessa Khoury
Workshop with -PAOLO TASSINARI

Stress // Infographic

Information design showing how graphic designers handle stress in their everyday life.

Child Of Lebanon // Website

Group work redesigning proposal for the website of NGO “Child of Lebanon” - Competition

Strike a smile // Campaign

Smiling makes us attractive
Smiling changes our mood
Smiling is contagious
Smiling relieves stress
Smiling lifts the face and makes you look younger 
Smiling helps you stay positive

We are drawn to people who smile.